Praise the Effort

How do you keep the people around you feeling appreciated and motivated?

How do you encourage self-development and continuous improvement in your teams?

What is the most powerful way to encourage progress and increase results and employee engagement?

At Krauthammer, we believe it all comes down to praising the effort.


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Praising others means more than noting their achievements or commending them on outstanding results. Because true achievement isn't just in the outcome – it's also in the mindset you adopt, and the qualities you embody along the way.

That’s why developing your ability to appreciate people's work and efforts can go a long way in creating a thriving and engaged team.

If praising others for their efforts does not yet come easy to you, this workbook will help you to:

1. Understand the true value of praising the effort, not just the results

2. Identify moments to praise beyond achievements

3. Practice praising the effort every day – at work and outside of it!
Praise The Effort Workbook

Are you ready to become a more engaging leader and transform your relationships with this practical tool?